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HydroQuant Photometer and Reagent Testing Kit

 Water testing saves you money. Pure and simple.

Frequent testing of your water enables you to dose accurately and effectively.

You won't waste chemicals needlessly when you use the Hydroquant testing kit


Featured product: Wapotec Hydroquant

Wapotec Hydroquant Tests for:
• chlorine dioxide
• free chlorine
• total chlorine
• pH
• total alkalinity
• calcium hardness

Featured product: Chlorine Low Drinking Water Pocket Colorimeters

Pocket Colorimeter™ Filter Photometer

Lightweight and battery operated, the patented Pocket Colorimeter™ Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument, suitable for field studies or on-the-spot process monitoring.

Pocket Colorimeter Instruments are factory programmed with the calibration for one parameter (some models offer two parameters). Simply zero the instrument with a sample blank, react the sample and insert the sample cell into the cell holder, and read the results directly in concentration units.

Pocket Colorimeter test kits use premeasured, unit-dose Hach reagents, and follow proven procedures. Electronic and optical components are housed in a durable, impact-resistant shell, and the optical system features a long-lasting LED light source.
Catalog #: 4670000 Pocket Colorimeter
Low-Range Free & Total Chlorine, High-Range Total Chlorine
Chlorine Chlorine, LR, as Free and Total Cl2
0-2 mg/L
Chlorine Chlorine, LR, as Free and Total Cl2